About Santa Barbara County Wine

Santa Barbara County is fast emerging as a highly regarded wine region of California, and for that matter, the world. And for good reason. The combination of diverse climates found within the county are ideally suited to a wide variety of grapes. There are now several well-established vineyards, from which are yielding some  highly sought after grapes from a number of wine makers. The history of the region, while not as robust and celebrated as Napa Valley, is nonetheless rich with tales of wine making pioneers, many of whom are still making fantastic wines. And most importantly, the wines themselves are, at their best, beautiful expressions of varietal character in a style that could generally be characterized as understated and beautiful. The best wines and winemakers are producing elegant wines that can easily stand nose to nose with many of the best wines in California.

If you are both a wine enthusiast and Angeleno like the authors, you are definitely in luck. Just up the coast is a treasure trove of wine traveling experiences, highlighted by the stunning beauty of SBC. With wide open spaces, golden hillsides spotted with oak trees, a wide range of tasting rooms and wineries that can appeal to just about anyone’s tastes, and a plethora of fantastic restaurants in all price ranges, SBC offers a chance to experience everything that a wine country experience should be, right in your back yard.

Come explore SBC Wine to learn more about the history, the region, the wines, and much more!