Okay, we’re particularly biased about this one. My wife and I exchanged our wedding vows on the grounds of this Santa Ynez Valley winery on a perfect August evening many moons ago, and drank in the splendor (and wine) all night long as we celebrated with our friends and family. We wanted a relaxed and intimate affair, and Lincourt’s setting was absolutely perfect for it.

The old farm house tasting room and estate Alamo Pintado vineyard stretching out in front of your view provides a casual setting which almost requires that you leave any wine pretentiousness at the door, come on in, and just relax. We’ve always found Lincourt to be producing some of the best “straight down the middle” wines – very classic characteristics of whichever varietal they make, without trying too hard or inferring some odd flavor to the wine that might not suit it.

If you’re familiarizing yourself with the traits of wine varietals, Lincourt is a great place to easily taste what makes a Sauvignon Blanc so different from a Chardonnay; why Merlot is so different from Pinot Noir. You might say that this could be accomplished just about anywhere, but Lincourt, more than any other winery in SBC, has a real sense of classic styling to their wines.

All of this might be changing, however, as Leslie Mead Renaud was recently announced as the new winemaker for Lincourt. Only time will tell. But for our money, Lincourt has not only produced some very pleasing wines, but it’s also one of our favorite places to visit. But of course, we’re biased.


1711 Alamo Pintado Road

Solvang, CA 93463



Open daily 10-5

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